#1 Purchase

As of 3pm 28/3/2020

Phase 1

We've collected

RM 60,000

6000 shields


of our goal
to 60k

6000 shields


Face shields that meet industry requirements

Who &

Public hospitals in Semenanjung Malaysia and distributed based on urgency at SJAM's discretion



Allocation for 6000 face shields

*update by SJAM

Hospital Sungai Buloh1060600
Hospital Selayang560300
Hospital Kajang560300
Hospital Seremban (Tuanku Jaafar)1060600
Majlis Keselamatan Malaysia, Jabatan Kesihatan Selangor, Jabatan Kesihatan Wilayah Persekutuan4200

#2 DIY

(What and how we do and what we can do)

Phase 1

5000 / 5000

DIY Shields made

Phase 2

No of DIY Shields made
as of 12pm 11/4/2020

9800 / 10000

More Updates

#3 Connect

Access our CONNECT page for supply
information for your organisation/hospital

What is Project Shields On?

What Inspired Project Shields On?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are essential to protect doctors and nurses. They are our frontline “soldiers” against the ongoing battle with the Covid-19 infection.

Most of us have seen videos of different hospitals needing to DIY their own PPEs due to a sudden shortage of supplies.

We reached out to a frontliner friend in one of the main designated hospitals to check on the status of his team and they confirmed our worst fears. It was true - they were resorting to DIY-ing the face shields.

This should not be the case as shouldn’t they be resting? Fuelling up and keeping themselves healthy to battle this contagion?

Banding Together To Help Frontliners

We began ideating with like minded partners to pool resources together to DIY face shields for this frontline friend and his team.

However, within just a few hours - the project grew to encompass a bigger goal as more within the community wanted to lend their support. Many wanted to contribute. How? What? Where?

Here’s how you can play your part.

These are the 3 Parts to Project Shields On:

Purchase a face shield from CzipLite for only RM10

"We are purchasing ready-made face shields from a LOCAL manufacturing company. We have chosen to support a local vs sourcing from other countries as we need to support our local economy now, like never before.

They have provided a *special price for this purpose (The Original RRP is RM16.50) and WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MEET OUR TARGET(S) to lock in this *special price.
This will be allocated and delivered to PUBLIC Hospitals and Klinik Kesihatans under the jurisdiction of St John Ambulance Malaysia and the Ministry of Health (unless stated otherwise)

#2: DIY
Inspiring You To DIY Frontliner Face Shields

The main reason for this project was to initially look for sponsors for materials.
This is to help our teams to produce FACE SHIELDS for the frontliners in one of the main designated hospitals.
We have since had enough sponsors for materials, so in turn we would like to inspire YOU TO DIY For your own frontliners.
Please comply with the ongoing Movement Control Order (MCO) and do it within your means.
Please maintain a clean and sanitized area for production and make sure production quality is maintained

Here's a video of how YOU can DIY the face shields using 2 different methods:

With Glue

With Stapler

We are not suggesting that both our methods are the best, but these are the two most efficient ways that we are doing our own DIY.
You can ask us for advice via email enquiry@craftiviti.com.
(we will try our best to reply in between our DIY production)

Here are the materials you will need apart from the adhesive/stapler:

A4 Rigid Sheet

Elastic Band


If you would like to follow our methods and get some supplies from us, do drop us an email at ask@cziplee.com as we have limited supply for the items needed.

(We will only be selling the A4 Rigid Sheet/Elastic Band/Sponge in lots - enough for 100 DIY face shields and we do have some of the adhesives/staplers, so do get in touch)

Alternatively, you can also choose to purchase from your local stationery stores via their online store or look up our CONNECT page for contacts.

Give it a go, find a team of frontliners you can support. But always remember to practice precaution and observe the MCO limitations.

Remember that frontliners are not just doctors, nurses or the hospital team, they include: Bank employees, Postal workers, Royal Malaysia Police, Malaysian Armed Forces, The People’s Volunteer Corps (RELA), Cashiers, Food Delivery Riders and Hospitals Cleaners.


Access our CONNECT page for supply information for your organisation/hospital

As retailers, we have access to stocks and access to suppliers on hand to supply the necessary raw materials to produce your own face shields in your own capacity as an individual, organisation and/or hospital.
Since we started the project we have also been asked for help in sourcing other PPEs and medical supplies(!). So we have managed to find a few trusted companies that may be able to meet your needs.
Help us Connect hospitals or organisations or even you who are helping in your own capacity to the right and trusted suppliers.
Please get in touch directly with the respective companies according to your needs.
We are not involved with anything related to the pricing, supply, or negotiation.


Why is there a need to DIY or crowdfund face shields?

PPE shields are single use items at hospital and ideally disposed of after use with one patient.
However, due to shortage in resources they are trying to make each shield last one whole day if a patient does not cough on them (which is a risk to the frontliners).

Here are some numbers for a better perspective.

On any given day at a designated hospital, there are a minimum of 30 screening staff wearing shields per shift.

Each shift is 12 hours long, so that requires 60 shields a day.

In 20 days at one insitute alone, they will need about 1200 shields.

The ward staff also requires PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and these need to be discarded after each individual patient visit. This is because they cannot risk retransmitting the virus from one patient to another. If there are 400+ patients a day, that's a minimum of 400 shields a day!

As we can't DIY the quantities in time, we are supplementing and speeding up the process of getting these face shields to our frontliners with our crowdfunding exercise (where a manufacturer has given us a special price to purchase in bulk as opposed to the RRP).

Are these face shields suitable for hospital usage?


The ready-made face shields have the following properties:

  1. The shields are made of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastic, which has anti-fogging properties allowing it to be used for long hours.
  2. The spongy material on the top cushions at the forehead provides comfort.
  3. The top section of the shield is designed in white so that the shield user can indicate their names on it.
  4. The band is made of elastic so it is stretchable and suitable for users with different head sizes.

The DIY Face Shield is made with consult from our frontliner friend and in a controlled (sanitized/quality) environment.

Which hospitals are these face shields going to?

As we have teamed up with St John Ambulance Malaysia for this project, we have given them the discretion to allocate the purchased face shields based on public hospitals' urgency (unless stated otherwise).

Keep track of which hospitals are getting shields using the table above.
St John Ambulance Malaysia will be allocating shields only to hospitals in Semanjung Malaysia for the time being as they do not have the resources to ship it across to East Malaysia.

If you know someone who can supply face shields to public hospitals in East Malaysia, do drop us an email at ask@cziplee.com.

I want to purchase some face shields for my clinic or for private hospitals or materials for my own DIY for frontliners. Can I do so?

We have a CONNECT page here where you can get information for suppliers for PPE, medical supplies, and stationery.

Can I purchase face shields for personal use? Are these face shields going to be shipped to me?

All face shields purchased on CzipLite will be allocated to front liners.

The face shields will be delivered to a central location and dispatched to the respective hospitals by St John Ambulance Malaysia's team. WE DO NOT CATER REQUESTS FOR PERSONAL USE.

Thank you Frontliners!

Bank Employees
Postal Workers
Royal Malaysia Police
Malaysian Armed Forces
The People’s Volunteer Corps (RELA)
Food Delivery Riders
Hospitals Cleaners

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All said, please comply to the current MCO
to minimise movement and #stayathome