Paper & Pen = Perpanep!

Paper📄 & pen🖊 = Perpanep📝! A brand new range from @kokuyostationery has arrived introducing a new experience of writing on textured paper! 🤩 ✦ Tsuru-tsuru: ultra soft and smooth paper ideal for fineliners and fountain pens ✦ Sara-sara: smooth paper recommended […]

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Start 2022 with Kokuyo!

It’s the Kokuyo Sale with up to 70% off! School is in session so of course a sale is in order! Start 2022 with @kokuyostationerymalaysia and grab school must-haves for the new semester. Discounts are up to 70% – yes you read […]

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Day 11: Write this down!

Write this down: From 20% off on @blackwingus and @fieldnotes!  🎄 They make for great list writing(ahem* looking at you Santa) and gifts too! From the poet of the group or the jalan-jalan cari makan kaki( aka the traveller) 🎅🏻  […]

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