Keep Going, 2022!

Dear 2021,

It sure has been a roller coaster ride with you! 🎒

Our country Malaysia pulled the short end of the stick from the pile with the number of challenges we faced. From the beginning of the year with the anxieties of the worsening pandemic and the rush to be vaccinated(but it was a good thing as well!) to the lesser growing pains of our government crises and finally to more recent unfortunate tragedies with the December floods. It kept us on edge and on red alert for most of the year, and it was hard to keep it together sometimes.

The year also brought about a couple of pleasant highs and victories that we are certainly thankful for, with Malaysia reaching full herd immunity against Covid-19, celebrating our champions in the Olympics, and watching the Rakyat band together to help with the recovery of our nation πŸ’•

As an independent family business, well, we struggled, big time. Nevertheless, we learned to rely on each other a lot more, and we definitely had to make sacrifices and decisions collectively that we hope will help us persevere on for the days ahead. We also watched some of our own spread their wings to pursue new adventures. Much excitement for that!

Despite all, we are well, healthy and we are still here, and we will keep pushing on to serve you better. We also know that as long as we have each other (and that includes you) that’s all that matters, really, as that’s what family is all about πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦

So Yes, it was admittedly a scattered year, but most importantly, we are especially thankful for having YOU, our community, #CzipFam with us throughout this year🧑

We wouldn’t be crossing this threshold into 2022 without you. We are proud to have every single one of you here with us to make the ride less scary. What a feat it is to have you walk into 2022 with us!

Keep going, 2022!

Love, #TeamCzip

*If you read this far, just know we are quite #czipsentimental 😁


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